Welcome to the Worktopia Learning Portal!

The Worktopia Learning Portal was originally created to enable the sharing of online modules specifically designed to complement the EmploymentWorks Canada (EWC) curriculum. These modules, referred to as Curriculum Companions, were created to offer ideas to support the delivery of the EWC program and reinforce the knowledge and skill-sets that individuals need to implement the program. While initially intended to be EWC specific, we believe the module topics and information shared is relevant across all Worktopia programs, and we are pleased to share access to the learning portal with all individuals engaged in Worktopia. As of August 2016, the portal has expanded to include new Mental Health Online Modules that are focused on ASD and Mental Health.

Our goal is to have a variety of learning modules that address the complex issues and skills needed to equip staff to deliver any of the Worktopia programs. We are keen to work with our partners who have substantial experience and expertise to continue to enhance and build upon the existing efforts and to brainstorm ideas for new modules. Whether or not you are an accomplished staff member or just beginning your work as a facilitator we sincerely hope that you take the time to explore each of the modules and share your experiences with us.

For new users, please follow the link to Registration to set up an account to access the modules.

For all users, your input and suggestions regarding how to further enhance or develop new learning modules is highly valued and we encourage you to share your thoughts by completing the surveys or by contacting us directly at feedback@worktopia.ca.

Thank you for your efforts in moving the needle forward in the employment futures of youth with ASD.