Mental Health Online Modules

These modules provide information to help support individuals with ASD and mental health issues.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the relationship between mental health issues and ASD
  • Understand the impacts mental health issues and ASD have on an individual’s ability to participate in a classroom or workplace environment
  • Identify common behavioural challenges and how to manage/reduce these behaviours in the workplace
  • Learn about treatment programs for mental health issues in ASD
  • Identify mental health resources in your community

We hope that by the end of these modules you will have a clearer understanding of why some participants behave, think or feel the way that they do, which may enable you to work more productively and positively with them.  The information in the modules may also help you to be more aware of certain behaviours that you see during programming that may indicate a need to seek professional help.  Finally, the mental health and ASD modules will outline positive and effective strategies for managing challenging behaviours in the classroom or at the worksite.

Katelyn Lowe, PhD, RPsych
Clinical Director
The Sinneave Family Foundation
Calgary, AB, Canada

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